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A Concert of Spiritual Healing

Doug Stroup is touring as a solo artist bringing a Concert of Spiritual Healing to churches everywhere. But this is not just a concert, this is a time of spiritual healing for all those who are hurting.  As we all do, Doug has experienced many of lifes ups and downs emotionally, physically and spiritually.  One of those times was on April 18, 2015, while riding his bicycle in a Century Ride. (that's 100 miles) Doug had a cycling accident which resulted in a dislocated shoulder, misaligned and compressed vertebrate in his neck and a severe concussion, among other injuries.  After many different doctors appts and tests, it was determined that he had a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and was later diagnosed with Dysautonomia POTS.  (Look it up to see what it is and how it manifests itself)  The main symptom he deals with is a lack of oxygen and bloodflow to his brain causing dizziness and imbalance issues daily.  Even though his condition has slowed him down and given him a new set of limitations, it has not affected his ability to sing.  Doug has put together a Concert of Spiritual Healing through song, stories and testimony that will bring inner spiritual healing to all who attend.  Doug incorporates his own stories of temporary defeat and lasting triumph along with the reassurance of God's presence even in the darkest of times.  Have you ever been at a dark time in your life where it seemed God was silent?  What was your reaction?  What did you learn?  How should we respond in those dark times?  Sometimes we just need to be reminded that He is always there working all things together for our good and His glory.  This is more than just a concert, it is a Concert of Spiritual Healing. Contact Doug today to book a date at your church.

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